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Seven Secrets To Get An Instagram Millionaire Profile .

Seven Secrets To Get An Instagram Millionaire Profile  

This Premium untold secrets will be the Most Important Guide to Get FAST Results from Internet Business Through Instagram

To make big money, you have to think BIG, to think DIFFERENT.

This Premium untold secrets will be the Most Important Guide to Get FAST Results from Internet Business Through Instagram: 

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#1: IG / Instagram Millionaire Profile.

Your profile must be prepared from the start to make big money.

What should you prepare in the profile section?

- USERNAME: very important, because it affects SEO and Branding
- NAME: preferably a personal name or company name
- PROFILE PICTURE: must be professional
- ABOUT: think of benefits for your target market

#2: Who is the Ideal Potential Market.

The BIGGEST mistake of business people is that they don't know who the ideal target market is because most business people feel that everyone is a potential buyer.

Only by knowing the ideal potential target market, can you prepare content that is suitable for your potential buyers

What should you know about your potential market?

- HOPE / DESIRE that they have always wanted
- The biggest PROBLEM they face
- What SOLUTIONS are most needed
- RECOMMENDED COMMUNICATION METHODS, for example, numbers, videos, images, webinars, etc.

#3: Create the best quality content.

Best means it stands out compared to your industry, so it's not waiting for perfection

Many tools can make your content quality and stand out from your rivals, namely:

- CANVA: a free tool that is great for editing images
- CAMTASIA: video editing tools that are very user-friendly
- SNAG IT: tools for screenshots
- PHOTOSHOP: professional image editing tools

#4: Use the Instagram Marketing Strategy.

The elements of marketing through Instagram that you can play are as follows:


#5: Understand the Best Times of Posts.

Pay attention from the side of the schedule, frequency, and routine.

For example, 8.00, 13.00, 21.00 every day, Saturday and Sunday morning.

#6: Instagram LIVE is Treasure.

Live broadcasts will now be the ultimate weapon to get the best engagement/interaction, and your followers will remember you more.
This means that they will get to know, like, trust you faster, meaning they will buy more quickly from you.

#7: Convert Follower to Lifetime Customers.

This is the BIGGEST source of income when you implement it RIGHT and RIGHT because 99% of business people who use Instagram (IG) do not make a strategic move here.

Don't think short term, you have to think LONG TERM, think of Customer Lifetime Value.

There are two critical steps to building a Millionaire Business through Instagram:

- LIST BUILDING: Build a potential market database by providing incentives that are liked and valuable first.

- LEVERAGE PROFITABLE AFFILIATE FUNNEL: Offer an affiliate product that has a Funnel that has proven profitable and has the potential to generate continuous commission.

Make sure you TAKE ACTION.

Action is the foundational key to all success.  Pablo PICASSO