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Kylie Jenner launches her own baby line called "Kylie Baby"

Kylie Jenner launches her own baby line called "Kylie Baby"

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The "self-made" reveals another surprise in deciding to expand its business empire by embarking on the baby trade, Kylie's trademark for "Kylie Baby", reports TMZ.

The famous "Kylie Jenner" The 21-year-old "self-taught billionaire" who shares her 15-month-old daughter Stormi with her rapper and friend, rapper Travis Scott, plans to cover just about anything an average mother will want a new kid.

"Kylie Baby" wants to create a range for babies, including sheets, blankets, and cradles, as well as baby bottles, breast pumps, strollers, car seats for children, and changing bags. As well as baby furniture, such as cribs, bouncers, changing tables, and trotters.

Not to mention that "Kylie Baby" will also immerse herself in non-medicated preparations containing moisturizers, lotions, and skin creams.

She also wants to cover you with baby bottles and even breast pumps. It is also planned to give the name "Kylie Baby" on strollers, car seats, and changing bags.
That's not all ... Kylie wants to cover you with her own collection of sheets, blankets, and cradles of brides, breast milk, she also wants to cover you with baby bottles and even breast pumps.

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